The Hill: Kudos for Backing US-Cuba Reset

Submitted by Sarah Croom

I’d like to offer support to Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) in his continuous efforts to maintain the United States’ growing relationship with Cuba (“Moving forward, not back: The U.S.- Cuba relationship,” June 15). The American public must thank him for upholding policies that have fostered this relationship and created countless benefits for both American companies and American workers.

President Trump’s recent shift in policy toward Cuba has fueled an ongoing discussion among the nation. Although some of the existing policies will continue, the administration’s decision is a concern, and continuing down this path will have a negative impact on our economy.

In 2014, the decision to reestablish the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba opened opportunities for American companies and investors looking to enter a market that had been closed off for years. Opening the relationship between the two countries has proven beneficial for America’s economy, adding jobs through expanded trade with our island neighbor.

Poe is a tried and true supporter of this relationship, which has allowed multiple sectors of our economy to grow. The majority of Americans also believe that these policies should continue. Farmers supporting America’s agriculture industry, which adds millions of dollars to their annual revenue, will be negatively affected by these changes. By imposing more restrictions on Cuba, many Americans are now limited to explore further investment and trade opportunities.

We applaud Poe for constantly supporting the U.S.-Cuba relationship and for upholding the value of American jobs, workers and beliefs. We hope that the current administration takes the necessary steps to keep improving our economy, and that the new policy will not pose a threat for our nation or our economy.