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Religious Liberty: The Constitution Demands It

Religious liberty is under attack by the administration.

The right of religious liberty is guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution because it is a foundation for other rights. Yet the administration is forcing religious organizations to violate their conscience by indirectly providing their employees with services that trample on those religious beliefs.

The administration’s so-called “promise of accommodation” changes nothing. It is just political word games.

The issue is not about contraception. This is an issue about religious liberty. It affects not just Catholics, but many religions and individuals of faith.

Regardless of where Americans stand on the issue of contraception, sterilization or the morning-after pill, it should be alarming to all who believe the government should not persecute religion or substitute a government secular doctrine and impose it on citizens.

The Constitution does not accommodate for religious liberty, it demands it, whether this administration likes it or not.

And that’s just the way it is.