Dont Tread On Me

Welcome, TX-2 Neighbors

It is my honor to be your Texas voice in Washington D.C., advocating for:
  • Limited Government Control
  • Lower Taxes
  • Pro-Growth Economic Policies
  • Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline
  • A Secure Border
  • Protected Constitutional Rights
  • All-of-the-above Energy Policy

Some of you may know me as a former, no-nonsense judge in Harris County where I came up with "innovative sentences" for felony offenders. If you've seen those folks with sandwich boards proclaiming their crimes, then you know about my "Poetic Justice." I continue to find creative, no-nonsense solutions in Congress today, and I am thankful for the job that you have sent me to do. I am not a Washington insider. I am an independent thinker who works across party lines to do what's best for Texas. I am running for reelection and need your support to stay as the advocate for Texas' 2nd District. Thank you for visiting my website. Take a look around. I am honored by your interest and support. – God and Texas Congressman Ted Poe